Monday, April 13, 2009

My tangled life

Life these days has become a tangle of commitments and obligations. I am having to temporarily make changes to cover all bases. Am I okay with this? Yes. Why you might ask? Because a very good friend of mine once said: "If you are going to put your name to something, then do it so your name is not tarnished".
When something is important or feels that it will have impact in the end there is more of a chance you can squeeze it into your busy life.
My activities include committees at school, synagogue, and in the community. I am also in the infancy of a federal grant program in the area of science.
As I review my list I have begun to wonder what others do beyond their scheduled work day. Do you volunteer? Have second (or third) jobs? Do you care for a family member in need?
What is it that makes you, you?
Help me to know I am not an island unto my self of having trouble saying no to worthy endeavors!

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Dale Holt said...

I find that people of worth find worthy things, and the more they find, the more that try to find them. There are many people who have a untangled life, but they are not usually the ones who are nudged to grow. The tangled ones such as yourself, and sometimes I find myself to be are the ones with growth always coming to them and it is hard to always see that as a positive thing especially when we have to constantly rebuild our compromise box to be bigger and bigger. Be confident that your works are of worth and that even in the un-seeable ways you touch people and promote change. You keeping going keeps others going. Thanks