Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh What's In Store For Me!

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I am close to counting the days until my FIRST NECC experience. I am a relative newbie to all of this. In the last year I have been introduced to social networking via a district technology seminar. Since that time I have had my eyes opened to more ideas, links, and connections to experts who have similar interests as I. I do believe it has been somewhat of a metamorphasis. I thing differently, I teach differently, I AM different. I have at my fingertips (literally) the ability to network with professionals around the world. Before this, I might have wondered to myself how I could add to a lesson plan…now, I send my message within 140 characters or turn on my iSight camera and have input instantly coming throughout the globe. How amazing is that? I have gathered so many resources during this time that I had to start a Wiki to keep track of my new bag of tricks. The end result of my Wiki endeavor was to teach my first district staff development class. After this, I had the confidence to join the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). Do you see a pattern? Inspire and more will come! How does this lead my path to NECC in DC? I feel a common bond to many of the people in my PLN (Professional Learning Network) and have a desire to meet as many as possible. I want to personally thank them for making me a new and improved educator. So there you have it (more than 140 characters!)

See you at NECC!

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Deven Black said...

I am also going to be attending my first NECC and share your sentiments about my PLN. I look forward to meeting you in DC