Saturday, April 25, 2009

NETA Reflections

I have just come back from NETA 2009. The Nebraska Educational Technology Association convention. Over 2000 educators met just outside of Omaha to increase our personal learning and networking.
One of my main impressions is that it does not matter the size of your school or district to be innovative in the classroom. One of the presenters was from a one room school house! Yet, she was an innovator with technology.
I think it is amazing that people are so unselfish that they would basically give away their plans to perfect strangers. I know how much time it takes to prepare lessons.
It was great to meet keynote presenters such as Hall Davidson, Tammy Worcestor, and Stephanie Hamilton.
I also met many of my Twitter friends. It was nice see the faces behind the posts!
Now I am sifting through all of my session websites and literature.
I came away with so many ideas that I can't sleep!

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