Thursday, March 19, 2009

You know YOU are getting old when...

Thanks to Kevin Honeycutt I am continuing my blog posts relating to age...

You know YOU are getting older when...
Your job is to reply and add your examples!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top 10 reasons I know my parents are getting older

Since my last post was melancholy I decided to lighten it up a bit...

Top 10 reasons I know my parents are getting older
10. Comfortable shoes
9. Gel-based chair cushion in front seat of car
8. Television can be heard at bottom of driveway
7. Call people to ask what message was left on cell phone
6. 2-for-1 meals
5. No blow dryers anywhere to be found in house
4. Plugging ears at sporting events
3. Increased cussing
2. Clothing in closet has been in style multiple times (or not!)
1. Towels covering the armrests of chairs

Suggestions for additions to the list are welcome!

Friday, March 13, 2009

When did my parents change so much?

While visiting my parents last week I came to the realization that my parents are aging more than I had noticed in the past. Maybe I am just ignoring it...

My parents have always identified themselves with Fiddler on the Roof. They had 5 daughters just like they did. But, the movie stops with the daughters growing up. What happens to Tevye and Golde? I guess I will never know.
But what I do know is that I have begun to talk to my daughters about cherishing every moment with my parents. They need to also keep the memories both good and bad of their time together.
I realize I am sounding melancholy; but there are times it is necessary. One must be realistic when it comes to aging. I need to make a concentrated effort to learn as much as I can, listen as much as possible, and love them until the end of time. This is the least I can do for the people responsible for making me who I am today.