Sunday, June 28, 2009

NECC - Sunday

Today I was a part of a panel discussion for technology coordinators. They wanted a variety of viewpoints from people in the classrooms or administrators.
The picture shows my laptop with a Google Doc I used to keep track of my thoughts and comments.
Budget cuts, inventory, and lack of interest by teachers were high on the list of topics. I was surprised that there was somewhat of an upbeat attitude, dare I say "can do attitude"? Most were willing to do whatever it takes to keep technology in the schools. That might look like reusing existing equipment but trying to find a new use. Ideas also included auditing usage to see if subscriptions or reorders for equipment is necessary. Quite interesting. However, one technology leader suggested that technology not be the first thing to be cut. Demand that another area take the hit...Guess that may not quite go over well with some! Anyway, it was interesting being chosen to represent special education teachers.

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