Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm back...

I cannot believe I have not posted since summer.
I guess it is kind of like exercise...You think about it, but don't act on it.
Since my last post I have considered a job change, didn't do it, and wonder if it was a mistake!
An opportunity created by government stimulus funds became available.
Unfortunately, it was at the end of the summer and I decided not to pursue it.
One of my main reasons was that I felt it would put the principal in a rough spot since 2 other members of my team had already taken other positions.
That is where the problem lies. Where does loyalty end and personal interests begin?
I wish I could have seen into the future and known if I made the right choice.
Maybe it was not the right time to make a change? Maybe there is some other opportunity that may come along?
I do believe in fate and that what comes my way was meant to be.
So, I am open to options. I love what I do, but I am willing to explore what else is out there!


Luke said...

I think that as we are sucked into the world of micro-blogging on sites like Twitter, Facebook or Plurk, we lose sight of what it was that got us started in creating our digital footprints!

chriswherley said...

Last blog entry Nov 21. Before that August. My goal for 2010 is a minimum of 1 a month.