Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have been somewhat forced to ponder the thought of "do-overs". By this I mean having a second chance. Seems like this has been something I have taken many hours to work through lately.
I have learned that I am so accustomed to email contact that I forget the power of face to face interactions. For this, I have shed tears. I regret my instinct for quick thoughts which would best be handled in a more personal way.
I have also thought about starting over because of computer issues. As carefully as I tried to think through backing up my computer, I have lost information.
When my computer was re-imaged I tried to restore files. Well...needless to say I am ready to use my laptop as a doorstop! I have wasted many hours trying to make everything the way it was and then some.
All of this has made me want to step back and think what else I might need to start fresh with. Are there other aspects of my life which I am either oblivious to, or just about to make my next tragic move? Hmmm...guess time will tell.
So, there you have it. I need some extra "do-overs"!

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