Monday, July 19, 2010

QR Cards

By chance, I came across a QR image during my visit to the doctor. I was "patiently" waiting to be seen and I saw a rack with a variety of medical pamphlets. On the side was this strange bar code that asked me to take a picture of it to find out more information. I was intrigued! As usual, "I thought to myself, how can I use this?"

I have spent the last hour surfing Google for background information and how to create them. I read Cool Cat Teacher and Thumann Resources blogs as well as a plethora of how-to entries.
Now I am getting excited!

How could I use this? Would people "get it?" I know there a millions of cell phones out there, but I have a feeling it would take a bit of education for effective use.

I will be playing around with this for a while...I will keep posting my thoughts!

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TJ Shay said...

I loved this post from Jim Gates

Some great ideas I hadn't thought of!