Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Podstock 2010

Tomorrow I will be heading to Wichita to attend Podstock 2010.
I'm quite excited for 2 days of networking and learning about technology integration. I would imagine that the environment will be much more casual compared to ISTE in Denver. That is one thing I look forward to...smaller size. I really don't know how many people will be attending; but, I am sure it won't be 18,000! I have looked over the schedule and am impressed with the diversity of topics. Yes, podcasting is an overall theme, but it is not the only offering.
I am excited also to have the opportunity to meet up with some of the educators which I have had online discussions. Cynthia Garrety, Dean Mantz, and Ginger Lewman to name a few.
Of course, hanging with Kevin, Michele, Kim, and Mitch will make the weekend perfect!
I will try make Podstock updates as the day permits.


Dean Mantz said...

Thanks for including me in your list of folks to catch at Podstock. I will have a Cover It Live session setup so that many of us can provide posts about sessions, conversations, and thoughts over the 2 days.

SherryC said...

I will be following your posts and Dean's whenever I can. I hope you all have a blast! I miss you!

ps said...

But no Phil