Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flip Video Offer

I love my Flip Video camera. I take it everywhere I go. I get excited thinking where I might use it. My best example was on the last day of school. We were completing field day and I thought it would be fun for my student in a power wheel chair to show what it is like cruising down the hallway. The result was a view of students who may not realize the need for a handicap ramp to be clear. Also the tendency to not listen to someone saying "excuse me". What I learned from this is the power of spontaneous. I captured a moment in time that may impact future decisions. Or, at the least I have a moment in time of a very brave young man.

What is the reason for this post? It is actually an offer I found online for a $50 Flip Video Ultra. The price is normally over $125. So, if this is ligit...join in the fun!


samccoy said...

Great post. Tools, especially the accoutrements, need to be reviewed by people with experience using them...just as you have.

Teachers can't afford to waste money on equipment that doesn't work. We spend too much of our own money as it is.

It seems to me that every teacher who has purchased a Flip video camera has put it to excellent use in their work.

Steven Katz said...

WOW!! This sounds great. It really opens up the opportunity for teachers to use video in the classroom.