Saturday, August 16, 2008

1/100th of a second

After watching 2 swim races at the Beijing Olympics I cannot get past the thought how the technology we have today has impacted daily life.

Just 4 years ago I am sure there would have been some head scratching trying to figure out if the races were a tie or declare a winner with the chance of protest. Even the speed at which replays occur most likely have improved.

Now to my point. What part of our daily lives could be changed if we were aware of each 1/100th second. Would that be a good or bad thing? Would 1/100th of a second make us feel that we have made the most of the time we have with our loved ones? Hmmm....

So there you have it. My thought for today.


J Allen said...

I think for some people having the ability to analyze every 1/100th of a second will drive them over the edge. They couldn't handle the pressure. Imagine being a perfectionist? I can't, but hopefully someone else could fill me in :)

Paul Bogush said...

I think it is hard enough to be aware of "days" nevermind parts of second. Just heard Steve Jobs say if you woke up each day and it was your last, would you still go and do whatever you had planned. Tough enough to break you life done to a day, seconds would drive me crazy.

Lisa Thumann said...

Good question. I don't think I'd be so happy with the technology had I been the athlete who came in second. ten years ago, it would have been declared a tie.

Your post did make me think of the application for the next round of Google Certified Teachers. The application for the Academy can be found here:

When I was working on my 60 second video for my application I focused on every second. It would end up being only 59 seconds.

Was one second something I was going to agonize over? Is 1/100 of a second something to agonize over? I guess it depends on what the stakes are.