Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where i've been...

What am I doing tonight? Since the bell rang at 3 this afternoon I have taken my daughter to PT, weighed in at WW (down 46 lbs!), went to conferences at the high school, and am in the midst of sifting through IEP information and test adaptations. Sounds like the the school year!
I am back to 6 hours of sleep averaged per night. It is hard to fit everything into one day. By the time you switch your "hat" from teacher to parent and back to teacher in the evening the day stretches to its limits.
Mind you I am not whining. I have chosen this path. I LOVE what I do. My students make me smile each day. Watching their progress makes the hours worth while. And my family? Of course, my life would be nothing without them! Granted, having a husband that travels out of town almost 3 out of every 4 weeks makes life a bit more challenging, I would not change a thing. I will survive. At least if I have a steady stream of Diet Pepsi!
So, I sit here at my kitchen table at 10:08 pm "taking a break".
I would like to hear from you...what is your typical day like? What makes it worth while?

Your Pal,


Heidi Pence said...

Like you it seems that I run from one thing to the next in both my job and home. Sometimes it feels great to step off the wheel for a few minutes.
My computer/technology teaching job has me wearing many hats. I work between 2 schools so my labs are usually in disarray when I return to the school to teach. With 31 classes k-2 my days are filled with lots of instruction and interruptions for the youngest students in our schools. There are always emails, notes, and phone calls for emergency help with printing, SMARTBoards, projectors, cameras, and computer problems. I am always happy to help.
My daughter is in high school and involved in everything. Most days I am chauffeur and cook when the school day is over. Our sons are in college a few hours away. The house is much quieter since they have been gone.
Life goes by in a blink of an eye so live in the present if you can. ENJOY!!


Nedra said...

I have to admit that since my daughter isn't playing hockey this year my life is much simpler-not near as much running around. I find myself spending more and more time on the computer checking Plurk, emails, Nings etc. I'm always on the lookout for a great idea to try for myself or for my classes. Planning for 36 classes and trying to keep track of where each class is on a project is a challenge.
I totally agree with Heidi's statement-"Life goes by in a blink of an eye so live in the present if you can. ENJOY!!"