Saturday, January 17, 2009

Go Big Red!

One of the things I was thinking about today was what makes me, me.
There are so many things that mold people into who they are.
Of course, your family members, spirituality, and education are the main influences. But, in my family a very big influence is Husker sports. You may think this is odd, but let me explain.
Both of my parents attended UNL in the late 40s to early 50s. During that time my father purchased season tickets for many sports. These were in the lean years of sports. At one time legend tells that he even brought a portable grill into the stands to cook during football games!
I started attending sporting events around the age of 5. I probably went to more than most of my 4 other sisters because of being the baby of the family and a major "tom-boy"!
I have so many memories of my father's tailgate parties on the loading dock of the welding supply firm he worked for.
I can still find the seats we sat in for basketball games in the old coliseum (now venue for volleyball).
In our family all events are planned around the Husker schedule. No Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or anything should be remotely near the date of a Husker game!
I truly think I am who I am is a result of the Huskers.
Now, I ask you...can you pinpoint something that made you who you are? Something that would not be the run of the mill story? Go for it. You may find you may find out something new about yourself!

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