Monday, July 21, 2008

Random thoughts for today

It is Monday, July 21, 2008. Holy crud, where is the summer going? What have I accomplished since school ended in June? Why do I even care?
Hmmmm, that is a good question. Is my self worth based upon concrete products of work? If I am not thinking about school on my time off am a less of a teacher? One would think the answer is simple. But, it isn't. To me top educators are always looking/listening/searching for ideas that may benefit their students. It may not be a purposeful strategy, may just be a passing thought of "this is cool" or "I could use this".
So, what comes of this pondering? I will try and keep a journal of what catches my eye during the day. A running log of "stuff I might use"...
In the mean time I will continue to help my youngest daughter after knee reconstruction, and support my firstborn with her new career path. Of course I will enjoy every moment my husband is home (travels up to 3 weeks each month).
Ahhh, I feel better!


Mark Carls said...

Great blog post, I do hope your daughter is feeling better and you get to spend some time with your hubby. I think it is a delicate balance for me and seeing all of these "cool" sites. I keep thinking, you can use that in the classroom, but I know that may not be the whole case. Thanks for the thoughts, enjoy the summer and please share any good resources.

AshleyP said...

I am with you. It has to be all about balance. Personally, while I love my job, I have decided that life is what happens after work. This has been a really fun summer with all the new web 2.0 flying around, but now I am trying to think about which things I will realistically use both personally and professionally.

Skip Zalneraitis said...

Thank you for energizing me with your introspection. I hope all is well with your daughters. I've been following then thru your comments on Plurk.